Tony Malone & Friends

cover painting by Melanie Davis 2017

Flowers for Armageddon was begun in 2010. Then I spent 4 years assisting the careers of several
gifted young Toronto musicians. My work was mainly put on hold because I was consumed,
though I occasionally went back to it and always planned to finish it eventually.

In 2015 it was more or less completed, but never finalized or issued in any commercial way.
Flowers for Armageddon has now been remixed, newly mastered, and will be
available soon as a Numbered Limited Edition, hand assembled and signed.

Features 10 tracks that tell a story of a man waking up from a life of ignorance,
just in time to witness the end of the world.

Progress of the CD pressing will be reported here.

(this note Aug 06/2017)

Coming soon: samples from each track.

track list

I Believe
Emily of the Spirits
Run Joni Run
War Is Peace
This Train's On Fire
The World's A Speeding Train
World On Fire
My Program
It's Quiet Now

hidden tracks:
Festival of Darkness & Despair


Flowers for Armageddon Technical Notes

some fun unfinished things


Beefheart Project Toronto

Beefheart Project Toronto: Hair Pie Bake 2 from Beefheart Project Toronto on Vimeo.

Our first music video, for Hair Pie Bake 2.
An Eric Soto Film.

Beefheart Project Toronto is a group of great Toronto musicians
who have come together to make an album of Captain Beefheart songs.
Our first assignment is to cover one song from each Magic Band record
(11 records from 1967 to 1982), plus a song from their early 45s
and something from the Captain's Zappa collaborations.
We are also doing extra tracks from Trout Mask Replica &
Lick My Decals Off Baby because we love those records.

Begun in late 2013 with the track Beatle Bones, the track list has grown.
Working chronologically, we've covered songs from Safe As Milk (1967), Strictly Personal (1968),
Trout Mask Replica (1969), Lick My Decals Off Baby (1970), Spotlight Kid (1971), Clear Spot (1972)
and Unconditionally Guaranteed (1973).
We're now onto Phase 2, which will be songs from the final 3 Magic Band LPs, and will include
Frying Pan from the 1966 A&M sessions,
something from the mid-70s Zappa collaborations,
plus more from Trout and Decals. Onward!

So far ...

Yellow Brick Road
Beatle Bones 'n Smokin Stones
Ella Guru
Hair Pie Bake 1
Hair Pie Bake 2
Hair Pie Bake 3 (bass solo)
Lick My Decals Off, Baby (*not yet made public)
Dr Dark
Dr Dark drums only
Bellerin Plain
Click Clack
Long Necked Bottles
Ashtray Heart
Making Love to a Vampire
Bat Chain Puller (*not yet made public)

in rehearsal now:
Orange Claw Hammer

in planning stages:
Ice Cream for Crow
Petrified Forest

When the project is finished, the tracks will be removed from the
internet, and the album will be made public on Limited Edition CD.

You can hear BEEFHEART PROJECT TORONTO'S first work here:


You can see videos here: